Program Operacyjny Inteligentny Rozwůj

We clean and paint all types of constructions, however our main  field is vessel industry.  We perform anti corrosion works on new vessels, very often 200-meters long ships that are painted by our firm totally - from the section stage up to the final cosmetic and delivery. SABRA-SERVICE particularly specializes in tank-coating. We work also a lot in repair shipyards.  

SABRA-SERVICE worked and still works on bridges windmills, industrial installations and big size pipelines in power plants.

Our achievements and possibilities are presented in the photographs showing all the works we have done so far.

We work on ships and offshore
Cleaning and painting ship constructions


Sabra-Service Sp. j. Przedsińôbiorstwo UsŇāugowe
71-220 Szczecin, Modra 66-68 POLAND
tel. + 48 91 439 44 69, fax.+ 48 91 439 44 61